Cutting Edge

 27 May 2022

A contemporary Albert Park kitchen renovation receives attention for its inclusion of a newly launched bespoke kitchen design system, as well as awards recognition.

The beautiful Edwardian double-fronted home in Albert Park had previously been renovated with the addition of a doublestorey extension that now needed a new kitchen. The space had great potential due to its open-plan flexibility, and opportunity to capture light and views of the courtyard gardens.

This kitchen was a finalist in the 2019 Zip Water inaugural Kitchen Design of the Year competition in the Best Freestanding Home Kitchen category. “Our clients had a Zip HydroTap Classic installed in their holiday home kitchen, so they ‘couldn’t be without one’ in their new kitchen,” says Cantilever Interiors. “They love the sparkling chilled water on tap, and say it encourages them both to drink more water than they otherwise would, which has obvious health benefits. The bright chrome finish on the HydroTap perfectly complemented the stainless benchtops and adjacent custom integrated cantilever sink.”

“Efficient planning and meticulous detailing in a small space, demonstrating a high level of clever resolve and innovation,” say the award judges. “This small space packs a big punch and houses an impressive array of premium appliances. What a stunning space to enhance the view beyond to the garden with an achromatic colour scheme and fabulous shelf detail.”

Cutting Edge   Cutting Edge

Improving workflow and natural light were key elements of the new design, and the removal of a wall and a re-orientation of the kitchen layout provided the best outcome. “Ultimately though, our clients wanted a kitchen that would elevate the property with a confident palette and detailed finish,” says Cantilever Interiors.

Cutting Edge   Cutting Edge

“Customisation of our kitchen systems to accommodate a client appliance selection is a part of our user-centred design system, however, designing to accommodate a millimetre-perfect combination of 18 appliances, fittings and fixtures into a coherent design and layout was challenging,” says Cantilever Interiors. “Likewise, as popular as integrated splashback windows are, they take a keen team spirit across trades to manage the intersections. Working with INC. (Inner North Carpentry) proved a dream.”

Zip HydroTap Classic Bright Chrome

PROJECT: Kerferd Place, Albert Park, VIC
SPECIFIED BY: Cantilever Interiors
PRODUCTS SPECIFIED: HydroTap Classic BCS – Bright Chrome