Convenience, safety and simplicity with boiling water on-tap

 11 Oct 2022

Convenience, safety and simplicity with boiling water on-tap

Zip Water revolutionised drinking water convenience in Australia with its on-tap boiling water. For decades, this Australian-owned company has continued to innovate, delivering pure and instant filtered drinking water to homes, hospitality and businesses. With its many benefits, it’s not hard to see why the boiling water tap has had such enduring success.

Why use a boiling water tap?

Boiling water taps streamline your kitchen, delivering all your water needs from a single tap. Get rid of the kettle, the water filter and even the sparkling water maker, because with a Zip HydroTap, all your needs are met. The Zip HydroTap is a great option for small kitchens, helping to declutter benchtops and storage space of extra appliances. The heating, cooling and filtration happens in a small unit under the bench, out of sight and out of the way.

How hot is Zip tap water?

The Zip HydroTap and on-wall boiling water units are actually factory-set to a temperature of 98 degrees for boiling water. This temperature is efficiently controlled by electronics or a thermostat to ensure a consistent boiling point that delivers the perfect heat for tea, coffee and other hot drinks.

Is boiling water or filtered water better?

With a Zip HydroTap, you get both. All water passes through Zip’s filtration system, which is certified to deliver a reduction of 99.9% of cysts including cryptosporidium and giardia, and lead reduction of 98.9% to NSF 53 (health effects), leaving pure-tasting, and healthy drinking water. This means there’s no longer any need to further boil your water for drinking, as it’s fresh and filtered at the press of a button.

Zip Arc Plus HydroTap

How long do boiling water taps last?

The best way to ensure your Zip boiling water tap has a long life is regular inspection and maintenance from one of our certified, professional Zip technicians. Our HydroCare plans make this simple, providing a complete range of services to inspect, clean, maintain and repair your unit, so you can enjoy the benefits of filtered, pure-tasting water without interruption. Our service plans help improve longevity and efficiency of your system allowing it to work at its peak for longer. All plans offer priority service, unit inspections and clean and cleanse.

Are boiling taps environmentally friendly?

Zip takes sustainability seriously, with the organisation certified to ISO 14001 Environment standard. All our products are manufactured responsibly, with end-of-life in mind. Energy efficiency is optimised in all our products. The under-bench command centre features customisable settings with three energy-saving modes. These include on/off timers and sensor-activated ‘sleep when it’s dark’ mode to help conserve energy during periods of low or non-usage.

Patented Zip PowerPulse™ technology maintains perfect boiling water temperature by delivering instantaneous small energy bursts efficiently instead of overheating and cooling, which wastes energy and results in boiling water at inconsistent temperatures.

Is a boiling water tap safe?

A boiling water tap is a great option for people who may have difficulty lifting and pouring a kettle. A boiling water tap eliminates the need to fill the kettle at the sink, return it to its base for heating, and the final stage of pouring boiling water into a cup. With the Zip HydroTap, simply hold the mug beneath the spout and press and hold the safety boiling water button.  Built-in safety features mean it’s impossible for the tap to be left running unless the safety button is being held down.

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