Contemporary Apartment Living with Quiet Grandeur

 11 Feb 2020

Taking inspiration from the historic grandeur and elegance of the East Melbourne neighbourhood, this new multi-residential project from ICON Developments and designed by Powell & Glenn gives new meaning to understated luxury, redefining apartment living for those with an appreciation for excellence in design.

George + Powlett builds on ICON’s reputation for meticulously designed spaces and projects that stand the test of time. Designed for the downsizer, owner- occupier market, it is at once timeless and contemporary, beautifully crafted and highly functional. With a limited number of apartments, well-considered floor plans and close proximity to the city, it offers residents a unique opportunity to enjoy Melbourne at its best without compromising on liveability, privacy or quality.

Situated amongst wide streets, rows of stately homes and acres of parkland, the recently completed collection of luxury apartments makes a quiet, yet theatrical statement to the streetscape. While sitting comfortably within its surroundings and achieving a sense of timelessness, architects Powell & Glenn have also created a piece of architecture that has individuality. Drawing on their expertise in harnessing natural light, they’ve balanced lightness and depth, playing with light to create a sense of space from the outside-in. This central concept of light doesn’t stop with the exterior, however, but continues inside to create both an intriguing visual and living experience. As design principal and director of Powell & Glenn, Ed Glenn says, “from entering the building to sitting in your living room, the natural light is used throughout to articulate and define the importance of space.”

George and Powlett Living Room

Achieving a sense of space and luxury, the apartments incorporate three-metre high ceilings, full-height doors and glass facades that work to fill each home with an abundance of natural northern light. While in terms of material palette, the apartments are clean and considered, with neutral colours and natural materials, such as such as raw timber, stone and marble, allowing residents to enjoy the spaces for their understated nature and create a visual link with the outdoors. As Glenn explains, “The eye is drawn outside to the natural world. When you bring those elements inside, you create a truly refined palette.”  

George and Powlett Kitchen Image

While the architects have approached the project in its entirety as they would a high-end home, this is clearly evident when it comes to details and finishing touches. The homes have custom-created jewel-like feature lighting by Articolo, which throw dramatic patterns and movement on to the walls, and Poliform’s signature wardrobes by Carlo Colombo. While in the kitchen, a Zip HydroTap Classic is further testament to the project’s focus on quality and design. As well as adding to the overall sense of elegance, the Zip HydroTap is about liveability, delivering instant filtered boiling, chilled and sparkling water. In addition, all apartments have been designed with a generous allowance of wall space for artwork, and large storage rooms in the basement allow for conversion into private wine cellars.

Outside, the apartments have entertaining spaces and its own lush, impeccably layered landscape that create a strong connection between the residences and the landscaped environment, thanks to designer and landscaper Myles Baldwin.
Together with the bright, considered design of the indoor spaces, exclusive location and overall level of craftsmanship, George + Powlett represents a new standard in luxury apartment living: beautifully understated and with no compromise on quality.

George and Powlett Building Exterior

PROJECT: ICON Developments Multi-Residential Apartments, East Melbourne VIC
SPECIFIED BY: George + Powlett
ARCHITECT: Powell & Glenn
PHOTOGRAPHY: Sharyn Cairns
PRODUCTS SPECIFIED: HydroTap Classic - Bright Chrome
Zip HydroTap Bright Chrome BCS