Common questions about water filters

 28 Feb 2023

Common questions about water filters

Having access to clean water is a human right. We all need water for drinking, cooking, bathing and hygiene. In developed countries, our tap water is fine for most of these jobs, but when it comes to drinking water, the situation isn’t quite so clear.

Why filter water?

Even in countries with well-established systems, water quality can vary drastically between regions, and even between time of year, impacting the purity and taste of drinking water. Like all major infrastructure, water management systems differ in age, materials and level of maintenance, meaning impurities and contaminants such as dirt, rust, and metals can affect our drinking water. Biological contaminants and parasitic micro-organisms can breed in our water systems, potentially causing serious human illness. Natural disasters such as floods and bushfires can also drastically affect water quality, compromising the health and safety of people and animals.

What do Zip water filters remove?

While some systems filter water externally, Zip Water’s filtration system cleans and purifies water straight from the water source. Zip Water’s MicroPurity filtration technology filters water directly from the mains supply, before it reaches your tap. It is certified to reduce bacteria, sediment, odours to NSF 42 (aesthetic effect) and NSF 53 (health effects). It’s also certified to deliver a reduction of 99.9% of cysts including cryptosporidium and giardia, and lead reduction of 98.9%, leaving nothing but pure-tasting, clean and healthy filtered drinking water that is safe for your family, guests, clients and staff.

What are the options for filtered water?

Zip Water has a wide range of water filter solutions for residential and commercial purposes, from freestanding water coolers (without the cumbersome bottle that needs changing), to elegant multipurpose faucets in a range of designs and finishes to suit any décor. Zip Water HydroTaps not only deliver delicious, pure and healthy drinking water, but also allow you to select different filtered water options including chilled, boiling, and even sparkling water – all from the one tap!

How do I choose the right water filter for me?

Zip Water are experts in water filters, with more than 75 years’ experience providing clean and healthy drinking water for homes, offices, businesses and hospitality. Our handy product selector will guide you through our wide range of HydroTaps, simply click through the options on the product selector to find the perfect HydroTap for you.

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