Common childhood health complaints (and how to fix them at home)

 25 Aug 2015

Parents, take note.

I feel like after 11 years of motherhood I should be awarded an honorary nursing degree.

You know, like when celebrities are awarded honorary degrees for their contributions to… whatever?

At least I’m qualified. I have dealt with every single childhood health complaint at one time or another and the handful I am yet to experience, will surely still happen. It’s just a matter of time.

Here’s what I’ve learned about fixing childhood health complaints. Nurse Jo, at your service.
Just as an FYI, you should know that this post is sponsored by Zip HydroTap. But all opinions expressed by the author are 100% authentic and written in their own words.

1. Headaches.
To avoid headaches, I make sure my kids drink plenty of water. What I’ve noticed is that if water is readily available at all times, they will drink more of it. If they have to pour it themselves, they tend not to bother until they are thirsty and the dehydration headache is already forming.

I leave some filled water bottles for them on the kitchen bench that they can easily grab and drink from. They stay in the kitchen and I always make sure they are full. The kids know where they are and drink from them often. They also have full drink bottles on their school bags, in their bedroom and in the car.

“To avoid headaches, I make sure my kids drink plenty of water. What I’ve noticed is that if water is readily available at all times, they will drink more of it."

2. Growing pains. 
So-called ‘growing pains’ are common as little bodies grow and shift and adjust. They aren’t a big deal and a quick rub can help them pass. I’ve gotten good at deep tissue massages. As most growing pains occur in the muscles of the legs, putting their legs up for a few minutes can also work.

Cod liver oil can also help, if you can get your kids to swallow it. Just remember that if the pains are recurring, accompanied by any changes like lumps or bruising or are in the joints, get them checked by a doctor.

3. Head lice.
We have never had head lice, but my sister has had to deal with multiple cases over the years and she has already told me exactly what to do.

Tell your kids not to share school hats. Head lice also love clean hair, so if it is going around, limit hair washes, tie long hair back and if it does enter your home, burn, I mean wash, all towels, sheets and clothing.
“Tell your kids not to share school hats.”

4. Worms.
This is hands-down the most revolting health situation I have ever had to deal with as a mother, and that includes the time Caterina vomited down my top when she had stomach flu.

My son had worms for several days before he thought to tell me about them. He thought they lived in the toilet. He had no idea they were in him and was horrified, immediately eating the chocolate medication I bought that very night in a quest to rid himself of the evil invaders. We all took it, just in case. He now understands why it is so important to WASH HIS HANDS before he eats, especially at school because worms spread so easily, as does every other childhood illness.

5. Cuts and scrapes.
It can be tempting to cover cuts and scrapes up with plasters but I’m not a fan of that. Once you have gently cleaned the area with warm water and applied something antiseptic – I highly recommend antiseptic powder because it isn’t gooey and doesn’t sting – then leave them to dry as much as possible.

Only cover them if they are quite deep or if your kids are going to be running around and are worried they will bump them. The rest of the time just let them dry out and heal. By the way, it doesn’t hurt to have every type of plaster in every shape and size, plus a variety of ointments, cotton buds and cotton wool. Different kids prefer different treatments. Think of your bathroom cabinet like a little nursing station with a toilet…


“It can be tempting to cover cuts and scrapes up with plasters but I’m not a fan of that.”


How do you deal with childhood health complaints? Home remedies welcome…