Clean, healthy filtered water in your home

 11 Apr 2022

Five reasons Zip HydroTap is the perfect choice for a water filter tap

Homeowners are spoiled for choice when it comes to filtered drinking water at home. A dizzying number of bottled water brands can be purchased off the shelf then stored and chilled, or homeowners may have bench-top appliances can filter or carbonate water (though usually not both).
But imagine if you had just one tap that could do it all. Access boiling water for a perfect cup of tea; chilled, filtered water for instant hydration, or chilled sparkling water, from tap to glass.
Zip Water offers a range of water filter taps that can do this, so it’s no wonder they are Australia’s leading water filter tap.

Discover five reasons why Zip HydroTap is a popular choice for people looking for pure-tasting water.

1. MicroPurity filtration for exceptionally clean water

While Australian tap water is pretty clean by global standards, there are still plenty of impurities that can make their way into our drinking water. Old and decaying pipes can leach dirt, rust, metals and other unwanted elements. Biological contaminants and parasitic micro-organisms can breed in our water systems, with the potential to cause serious human illness.
Zip Water’s focus on purity has led to the development of some of the most advanced filtration technology available. Zip uses carbon filters which are certified to reduce 99.9% of cysts such as cryptosporidium and giardia, and 98.9% of lead in water. This leaves nothing but pure, clean-tasting water, straight from a HydroTap.

2. Boiling, chilled and sparkling water – all from the one tap

Zip HydroTaps will revolutionise drinking water for your home. Zip Water’s clever configurations mean you can choose to have water whichever way you want it, straight from the tap – even sparkling! No kettles, carbonators or other devices – having a Zip HydroTap means you no longer have any need for any other appliances. The smart under-bench system keeps the working parts out of sight, so all you see on the bench is your stylish HydroTap. What’s more, you still have the assurance that no matter how you’re choosing to have your water – boiling, chilled or sparkling – you know that it has been filtered for impurities and is clean, clear and great for you.

3. One tap = no waste

When drinking bottled water, the endless plastic bottles can be a nightmare. They take up space in the recycling and in most council areas, the lids can’t be recycled. Having a Zip HydroTap can help to solve this dilemma by completely eliminating the need for bottled water. No more buying single use plastic bottles, no wasted energy on refrigeration (plus it keeps your fridge shelves uncluttered) - just instant filtered water straight from the tap to your glass, refillable water bottle, mug, teapot or jug. You never have to worry about buying bottled water again!

4. Beautiful designs for every style of home

There is no need to sacrifice function for aesthetics. Zip HydroTaps is available in a stunning array of designs, styles and finishes to suit any space. Matte black adds a simple elegance and is the most popular choice of finish, but you can also choose from chrome, brushed chrome, brushed rose gold, brushed gold, gunmetal or brushed nickel. Zip HydroTap offers 7 style forward designs, including Arc and Cube. You are sure to find the perfect design and function to suit your home.

5. Peace of mind maintenance and service

Zip Water offers a national wide network of experienced service technicians who are skilled at all aspects of maintaining our products. With a team of more than 100 technicians, certified installation, servicing and maintenance needs can be handled efficiently. All technicians are trained in the Zip factory and are experts in ensuring your Zip HydroTap runs smoothly. Arranging a service is as easy as making a phone call to our friendly Customer Care team or completing an online booking. If you prefer, sign up to Zip’s HydroCare Prevention Maintenance, for a regular clean and cleanse, inspection and service.

Having pure, tasting filtered drinking water in your home is easy with Zip HydroTap. Configure your HydroTap here and enjoy all the benefits of Australia’s most popular water filter taps.