Choosing a kitchen tap finish

 21 Aug 2023

Choosing the perfect finish

Whether you are remodelling, designing a new kitchen from scratch or simply updating your kitchen taps, choosing the right tap finish is a very important consideration. Zip HydroTaps come in seven elegant finishes, each bringing its own unique flare to your kitchen aesthetic.

Matte Black

Zip’s most popular finish, Matte Black is now an undisputed modern classic. Matte Black lends itself to a huge range of kitchen styles, from country to minimalist. Matte Black pairs easily with other kitchen hardware like handles and drawer pulls, appliances and window frames, and suits every colour scheme imaginable. Zip’s Matte Black tapware is smudge resistant, easy to clean and durable, making it a practical and stylish choice.

Celsius Plus All-In-One Matte Black Lifestyle


The other long-running kitchen classic is Chrome. Modern, sleek and classy, Chrome is a reliable choice that lends itself to practically every kitchen design. Zip HydroTaps are available in two Chrome finishes: Bright Chrome brings light and crispness for a high-gloss, reflective look, while the Brushed Chrome finish diffuses surface tension, providing a more muted quality.

Zip HydroTap Arc Plus Chrome Lifestyle

Brushed Gold and Brushed Rose Gold

The blushing hues of Brushed Gold and Rose Gold have had a resurgence in recent years, bringing warmth and charm to modern kitchen designs. Brushed Gold finishes provide a softened glow, emanating luxuriousness and comfort. Zip’s Brushed Gold and Rose Gold tapware look great in colourful kitchens, bring together maximalist styles and work equally well with wooden, painted and stone cabinetry and benchtops.

Zip HydroTap Elite Plus Brushed Rose Gold Lifestyle

Gunmetal and Nickel

For those looking for something different in their kitchen tapware, Zip’s HydroTap range also includes Brushed Gunmetal and Brushed Nickel. While similar to Chrome, Brushed Nickel has a slightly warmer, silvery tone that is elegant and regal. Brushed Nickel matches well with stones and marbles, adding an undeniable element of sophistication. Gunmetal, meanwhile, is darker, bringing a stormy, grey look edging closer to black but retaining a metallic finish. Gunmetal is as versatile as black, also working well in industrial and monochrome style kitchens.

Zip HydroTap Classic Plus Gunmetal Lifestyle

Looking after your tapware

After all the decision-making, you want to ensure your Zip HydroTap remains in peak working order. Zip’s HydroCare plans make this simple, with regular, scheduled cleanse and maintenance checks that prolong the longevity of your HydroTap. Our trained and qualified technicians will inspect your Zip system, change filters and undertake preventative maintenance so you can enjoy the benefits of your Zip HydroTap, for longer. Choose the right HydroCare plan for you, or book a service here.

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