Bold and Beautiful

 26 Oct 2020

Beautiful marble, deep textures and bright whites give this kitchen a bold, modern aesthetic.

When clients give the go ahead to be daring and bold, it is amazing what a clever designer can do to really make a visual impact. Designer Tamlin Prince from Prince Design has utilised the effectiveness of a strong, monochromatic colour scheme with great layout and design to create a kitchen that is the epicentre of this family home.
Standing front and centre of this stunning space is the Zip HydroTap Celsius All-In- One Arc in matte black. This All-In-One system provides the family with access to instant filtered boiling, chilled, and sparkling water for entertaining and hot and ambient water for cooking and washing.

Bold and Beautiful

The Zip HydroTap Celsius All-In-One also enabled the front-of-kitchen to be kept sleek and streamlined with just a single tap needed to adorn the large island bench.

The family of four has two older children so space in this busy kitchen will always be at a premium. It was important to address traffic flow and practical placement of different zones to ensure a functional kitchen with more-than-ample storage. The addition of the scullery creates a space that is primarily for cooking and meal preparation, to keep clutter and mess contained out-of-view.

The front section of the kitchen was designed with a seamless look giving it a modern context and timeless appeal. The main kitchen features dark timber, natural stone and crisp white cabinetry to enhance the modern, sophisticated ambiance.

The island bench is the main visual feature with each end returned to the floor and matched at the rear with the splashback and hob benchtop.

Located within a large, open-plan space that contains the kitchen, living and dining areas – with stunning 4-metre ceilings – it was important the kitchen display a bold sense of character so it became the focal point.

Bold and Beautiful

In keeping to a basic colour scheme, the kitchen is striking but not overwhelming; and classic but not dated.

Its orientation has also been carefully considered in order to ensure the open- plan space worked cohesively. The face of the kitchen is turned towards the entertainment areas of the home, while the work space of the kitchen resides behind a sliding door which can be closed off when needed. The island is counter-balanced with a larger block at one end anchoring the kitchen to one side of the large space, and a more refined, thinner end at the other, leading into the relaxed family lounge.

Overall, this is a modern addition to a stunning family home that encompasses the best of sophisticated relaxation and contemporary living.

PROJECT: Applecross Residence, Balcatta Perth, WA
SPECIFIED BY: Prince Design
PRODUCTS SPECIFIED: HydroTap Celsius All-In-One Arc BCSHA – Matte Black