Bespoke Beachside Bistro – by Dreamtime Australia Design

 21 May 2019

Michael McCann of Dreamtime Australia Design rejuvenates the concept of an old- school dining club in Sydney’s Bondi Beach.

An upmarket bistro set on the shores of Bondi, The Pacific Club is part of a mixed- use development that includes a boutique hotel, dining and bar offerings. Aiming to offer a personal and premium experience for guests, the space was to function as a hybrid of beach club and bistro, with a delicate balance pitched between welcoming playground during the day, morphing into charming and contemporary colonial club in the evening. The owners brought in a project team with shining hospitality credentials, from award-winning chef, sommelier, and bartender. Michael McCann from Dreamtime Australia Design was chosen to deliver the design solution.

“The venue had to be accepted by the locals, and we agreed that anything too ‘fancy’ would be rejected, as Bondi Beach has a rebellious, contrarian edge,” explains Michael. “So we decided to design an atmosphere that made the Club look like it was there for years — with a bit of ‘glamour’, while at the same time ensuring the seating and booths were tremendously comfortable.”

The welcoming begins outside, where patrons are greeted with an old-fashioned rosewood timber façade, with large windows that are illuminated in the evenings. A central aged-brass fireplace is a hint of the warmth of the venue, that is imbued throughout the dining experience. Whitewashed raw timber walls and ceiling, with super-wide Scandinavian timber floorboards keep the interior modern and fresh, setting the scene for a creative open kitchen, which features an oyster bar, woodfired grill and oven.

Bespoke moments are experienced throughout, such as a hand-cut glass mosaic wall that depicts a 1954 photo of the Queen’s first visit to Bondi Beach and Australia, and a hand-carved stone bar front made in Jaipur, India, with aged brass shelving hanging overhead. Through both the interior design and the lighting, “I believe it hits the warm, lived-in glamorous beach shack vibe,” says Michael.

The Vestal Water Multi Beverage System was chosen “To offer a more premium experience for guests of The Pacific Club,” shares co-owner Matt Williams. With the ability to supply sparkling and chilled water on tap, in the same unit that also supplies alcoholic beverages, the system saves cost and space, provides premium water solutions efficiently and keeps guests hydrated with pure-tasting water — all crucial elements in a hospitality venue. “Our premium dining experience is even more enhanced by offering our guests the Vestal Water products. We looked at other water products but in the end there was a clear choice if we were serious about quality water offering due to such a reliable system producing all of our water needs paired with premium service from the Vestal Water team.”