Add the lustre of gold to your kitchen

 29 Jun 2022

Golden hues are having a huge revival, warming our interior spaces with soft accents across tableware, flatware and hardware. Gold kitchen taps are a playing a starring role in this trend, with kitchen designers choosing gold tapware to add a luxurious finish to kitchen spaces in a wide range of styles.

Classy, timeless elegance

Brushed Gold kitchen taps add a warm, rich elegance to any kitchen. The Brushed Gold finish subdues light reflection, infusing a space with a radiance that acts to calm and soften. This can be particularly useful in reducing the glare of other kitchen elements, such as glossy cabinetry or shiny tiles, as well as adding warmth and cosiness to otherwise stark spaces.

Blushing Brushed Rose Gold

Brushed Rose Gold kitchen taps are also a popular choice, with the same soft elegance and brushed finish, but with a hue leaning into the peachy-pink end of the spectrum, rather than the yellow. Rose Gold kitchen taps pair beautifully with a range of traditional kitchen colour palettes such as neutrals and greys, but also complement and contrast with bolder choices such as bright colours, mix-and-match styles and other more eclectic looks.

Brushed Gold HydroTap

Practical and stylish

A brushed finish is a more forgiving surface than a highly polished surface, meaning the marks of use won’t show up as readily. Water spots and fingerprints won’t be as noticeable, and a simple wipe with a soft, damp cloth and dry is all it needs to keep it looking its best. This finish makes it the perfect, practical choice for high-traffic, wet and messy areas like kitchens.

Stunning designer styles

Drinking water systems from Zip Water offer much more than superior water filtration. The gorgeous HydroTap Design range is available in Brushed Gold and Brushed Rose Gold finishes, which means you don’t have to sacrifice style for function. Whether your design calls for cubed or curved, there is a Zip HydroTap style perfectly suited for your space. With the added choice of boiling, chilled or sparkling water, your beautiful HydroTap Brushed Gold or Brushed Rose offers a multi-functional, sophisticated drinking water solution that streamlines your need for other appliances.

Clean, pure-tasting drinking water

Zip HydroTap systems deliver pure tasting, healthy and fresh filtered water, straight from the tap. Zip filters are certified to reduce bacteria, sediment, odours to NSF 42 (aesthetic effect) and NSF 53 (health effects). With a Zip 0.2 micron size 1 filter, HydroTap offers the highest quality drinking water. Plus, you can configure your HydroTap to suit your particular needs with our HydroTap selector.

Browse our beautiful range of Brushed Gold and Brushed Rose Gold kitchen taps and mixers, and configure the perfect HydroTap for your kitchen.

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