A Green for all Seasons

 22 Aug 2018

1. Cabinets

Contrasting the soft white walls and light floors, this forest green doesn’t darken the room – but rather highlights the beauty in darker furnishings, such as antique wooden pieces.

Credit: Studio Forell @studioforell

2. Kitchen island

Paired with pendant lighting, this undercover colour transforms the kitchen island into an interesting design feature.

Source: designsponge.com Photo by: Chandler Kim

3. Trough sink gardens

The trough sink is a growing trend for 2018 and an unique addition to your kitchen island. Paired with a Zip HydroTap, it can create a versatile space for your herbs and houseplants.

4. Tiling

Add a pop of colour to your uniform kitchen with a daring splashback update. Keep it interesting with contrasting textures.

Source: homestolove.com.au

5. Kitchen stools

The odd one out – experiment with green ombre in the kitchen through feature furniture.

Source: stylelovely.com

6. Pendant lights

Two words: Jade shades.

Source: castelnautiles.co.uk


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