5 Easy Ways To Stay On Top Of Hydration

 30 Jul 2015

Drinking water is essential to survival. Our body is comprised mostly of water, and the proper balance between water and electrolytes in our bodies determines how most of our systems function, including nerves and muscles. Water transports nutrients and oxygen around our bodies, gets rid of waste products, controls our temperatures and improves the function of our digestive systems.

Staying hydrated improves our health and wellbeing, mental clarity and levels of stress and fatigue.

With all this knowledge, you’d think we’d be fine to drink the recommended 6-8 glasses a day, no worries. But sometimes life gets in the way, or we completely forget. Maybe it’s just as simple as not having easy access to delicious, chilled water.

Here are 5 easy steps to incorporate into your daily routine to ensure you’re reaching your H20 goals:

  • Set a specific goal for the day. Figure out how much you drink at the moment, then figure out how much you should be consuming. It will make it easier if you can compare the two.

  • Treat yourself to a nice water bottle. Don’t go lugging around a crusty old plastic water bottle; splash some cash on a nice canteen instead. You’re guaranteed to drink way more water.

  • Get Appy with it. Free apps like Waterlogged and Daily Water help track, store and analyze your water consumption. Ah, technology, our old friend.

  • Order something spicy. Not only does spicy food kick that metabolism of yours into gear, it will also have you reaching for your glass of water faster than the chili hits your tongue.

  • Invest in a Zip HydroTap. This ingenious tap will provide you with chilled, boiling or sparkling water all day, everyday. The Zip HydroTap promises pure, clean water, the way you like it, instantly, anytime. Incredibly stylish, the Zip HydroTap is also really energy efficient and environmentally responsible.

The Zip HydroTap’s 0.2 micron filtration system removes dirt and contaminants as small as 1/5000th of a millimeter. The Zip HydroTap eliminates the taste and odor of chlorine, and makes staying on top of your health and wellbeing way easier, and way more delicious.

Here’s to good health, made convenient!

Article written for THE CAROUSEL.