3 Ways Proper Hydration Can Help You With Your New Year’s Resolution

 16 Jan 2017

1. Improve your diet.

A healthier diet is a goal many people strive for in the New Year. Proper hydration can help you keep this goal in many ways.

By drinking a glass of water first thing in the morning (even better is drinking a glass of boiling filtered water with a slice of lemon), you can be well on your way to ticking that off your list. Drinking water on an empty stomach helps kick start your digestive system, which will improve your metabolism in the long run.

Increasing your water intake will also help keep you full so you’re not snacking unnecessarily throughout the day.
Lastly, by swapping out sugary soft drinks for water, rest assured, you are already on the fast track to cleaner eating.

2. Be more mindful.

After the crazy holiday season, the last thing you want to do is start the New Year stressed out. A great way to reduce stress in your life is to be more mindful and give yourself time to relax and listen to your body’s needs.

With the Zip Experiments we conducted last year, we discovered that dehydration has a direct impact on stress. Research showed that as your hydration levels decreased, your cortisol levels (the stress inducing hormone in your body) dramatically increased, causing you to react in ways that are not your norm.

Chronic dehydration has also been linked to irritability, anxiety and reasoning. Ensuring that you are properly hydrated is a key factor in reducing stress and keeping mindful of your body.

3. Be more productive

Aussies live a very busy life, which is why productivity in the office, at home and in spare time are important focal points in time management.

Dehydration can affect your productivity drastically and the dreaded mid- afternoon slump is a struggle many of us face. In fact, dehydration is a very common cause of fatigue. So if you want to get the most of your day, make sure to fit those 8 glasses into your daily routine!