Measuring Your Kitchen Cupboard

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Measuring Your Kitchen Cupboard

You may think this is obvious but if you're not a cabinet maker, measuring your cupboard the right way can often be confusing, resulting in inaccurate measurements and in some cases, incorrect purchasing which may leave you disappointed.

Here is a simple guide to make sure you're measuring the right parts of the cupboard - namely the internal dimensions - and pointing out some things to be aware of.

1. Measuring the internal dimensions of your cupboard / cabinet:

You need to be measuring the internal height, width and depth (HxWxD), to an accuracy of +/- 1mm or so. Most applications have a tolerance of a millimetre or so but anything more than that is going to affect performance or suitability.

Top Tip: You need to consider any supports, protruding hinges, sinks, pipes, or any other objects or components of your cupboard that may be protruding into the space of the internal cupboard area. This is where your good judgement needs to come into play. In most circumstances shelves and other items can be removed or altered so please give us a call if you have any questions.

2. Review the correct clearances required for your Hydrotap

Once you have identified the internal dimensions of your cupboard, you will need to locate the specifications for your product under the Installation tab on and check that your cupboard has the minimum requirements to fit your product.

Top Tip: Cupboard space can be a premium with many other devices in the way. If you need assistance with fitting a Zip product in your kitchen, give us a call where a friendly representative will assist you.

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