If you go away for an extended period, Zip recommends you turn off your G3 HydroTap (Sparkling unit) to save water and energy.

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To Turn OFF - Boiling | Chilled | Sparkling units

Step 1: Turn the water off at the supply to the Command Centre.
Step 2: Start a Co2 purge. When water is no longer dispensed and only Co2 comes from the tap

Step 3: To turn off the Co2, twist the knob on the regulator anti clockwise until it screws up and away from the bottle.
Step 4: Depress the levers on the HydroTap three or four times until the water stops. This will empty the tanks.
Step 5: Turn off power supply at the power point.

To Turn ON – Boiling | Chilled | Sparkling units
Step 1: Turn on water supply and power supply. Note: any programmed times will be retained via the battery backup and will not need to be re-set.
Step 2: Turn Co2 regulator knob clockwise until the needle reaches 2.7-bar at the green mark between the yellow and red markers on gauge
Step 3: Using the Menu arrow keys to the left of the LCD screen on the under sink unit, scroll through to [Filter Flush].

Step 4: Select [ON]. This will start the flow of water through the tap. Flush for 30 seconds to remove water in the filter cartridge. Once completed, turn Filter Flush [off] with the Adjust keys to the right of the screen. 

Step 5: On the [MENU] screen use the Menu arrow keys to navigate to [Co2 Purge].

Step 6: Use the Adjust arrow keys to select [Co2 Purge ON]. This will push Co2 and water through the HydroTap’s system. 

Step 7: Let the Co2 flow until the water has finished and only Co2 is being dispensed from the tap. Leave the Co2 flowing for 5-10 seconds longer, then press the Adjust down arrow to stop the Co2 purge

Step 8: Using the menu arrow keys, exit the Co2 Purge screen and your unit will shortly return to normal operation. Give the unit some time to resume. Once the indicator lights have stopped flashing on the tap the water will be ready to use. 

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