Flushmaster Troubleshooting Continual Flushing

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First, test your battery and fuse. Most Zip FlushMaster or FlushMaster Pearl products are hooked up to a battery although some are connected to power points via a mains power transformer.
If you have tested both the battery and the fuse and both are fine, you’ll need to test the latching valve.

Step 1: Pull the latching valve lead down from the sensor.

Step 2: Undo the cables of the latching valve.

Step 3: Touch the blue cable to the positive side of the battery and the brown cable to the negative side. You will see a small spark and the valve will shut down.


If the valve does not shut down: try touching the cables the other way around with the brown cable touching the positive side and the blue cable touching the negative side.

Step 4:If the valve shuts down without a pulse of power, you will know there is something electronically wrong with the valve. If the valve opens and closes but the water does not stop, you will need to disassemble the latching valve. Click here for instructions.


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