Our Values

Father kissing baby

Consumers come first

Everything we do is focused on helping people. That means we always strive to put consumers first, hear and understand their needs, and seek out ways to both serve and delight them whenever possible.

Lady using HydroTap

Commitment to innovation

We are constantly striving to create better ways to deliver clean water. And we believe that the best way to stay ahead of the changing world is to see it through the eyes of others, to welcome new experiences and knowledge, and to constantly work to improve and grow.

Office meeting with 3 employees

Culligan as one

We support every member of the Culligan family, regardless of race, gender or identity. Throughout our company, we encourage everyone to volunteer their knowledge and skills, share their unique stories and learn from those around them, including successes and failures.

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Courage to do what is right

We believe that what's right for people is right for companies. We value and embrace diversity and respect for our fellow humans, always act ethically in our business practices and make sustainability a key focus of everything we do.

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Consistently delivering exceptional results

We believe that water needs to be great every single glass, every single day, for every single person. We are committed to improving every part of our process by creating an atmosphere that encourages people to grow and succeed, following through on our word, and being accountable for our actions.