Zip Experiments

Water – its’ easy to take for granted. In fact, up to 75% of Australians are chronically dehydrated. But scientific research suggests that regularly drinking H20 can have some surprising benefits. Through a series of thought provoking experiments, we’re going to explore the new science of water. Can drinking enough water make us faster? Smarter? Less stressed? Find out in the Zip Experiments.


In this first episode, can water help you dodge a bullet? Sounds ridiculous right – but you might want to think again. Newly published research claims to show that a thirsty person who drinks as little as 120 milliliters, or half a cup of water, can improve their reaction time by 14%.

"The newest science about hydration is a ‘wake up call’ and shows that over half of us are unaware that our reaction and response times are slower and less efficient than they can be", says Dr. John Tickell.

It may not sound like much, but on a day-to-day basis where human response time is measured in thousandths of a second, this could be the difference between breaking in time to avoid a car accident, jumping out of the way of a passing bus, or maybe… dodging a bullet.

Experiment 2: Can Drinking Water Help You Survive a Kids Party

Data suggests that being properly hydrated can give you an advantage in stressful situations. Sounds good in theory. To find out for sure, we set up a simple experiment involving two mothers, some hyperactive children and a lot of fine china.

Experiment 3: Can Water Help You Focus The Mind

Sports scientists have long known that water is essential in all aspects of physical performance. A dehydrated athlete who drinks just 200 mils of water can expect to have their physical powers boosted by as much as 20%. But what about their brain power? Can water make us more alert, and better able to concentrate?

Experiment 4: Can Water Help You Beat A Chess Grandmaster

New scientific research is suggesting that regularly drinking plain old H20 may give you remarkable brain power. This experiment brings together some implausible elements; a Chess Grandmaster, a 13-old kid, and heat; to be more precise - a sauna.

Explore The Science


Dr. John Tickell has spent the last 25 years researching the health, wellbeing and longevity patterns of people around the world. And more recently, working in collaboration with Zip to substantiate the link between water intake and wellbeing.

His extensive international research on the lifestyle patterns of the longest living people on earth makes him a leading expert on what makes humans healthy, happy and well.

Dr. Tickell has a medical degree from the University of Melbourne, and has been a specialist practitioner in Sports Medicine. He is the author of nine books, which have sold over 2 million copies worldwide and is the creator of Australia’s National Health and Happiness Test.

More Water. More Woohoo

Water plays an important part in our wellbeing. After all, the human body is 70% water. Drinking more water refreshes our energy levels, keeps us feeling revitalised, helps our bodies flush out toxins, and stimulates circulation. The pure taste and convenience of Zip makes it easier to drink more water, more often, which leads to better wellbeing

Drink Healthy. feel Healthy

The benefits of proper hydration are many, but it’s not just about drinking more water. It’s about drinking pure tasting water. Zip’s micron filtration system produces purer water that tastes better and is better for you. Removing dirt and contaminants as tiny as 1/5000th of a millimetre – leaving only pure, crystal clear, healthy drinking water

Zip. For a Healthy World

Your conscience will also be crystal clear because every Zip tap performs to the highest standards of environmental responsibility and sustainability. Not a drop of water is wasted and there are no plastic water bottles going to waste. That means every glass of great tasting water you drink is just as healthy for you as it is for our planet

Save Water. Save Money

Every drop of water you save, adds up. In an office of fifty staff, you could expect to use two, twenty litre bottles of water daily. With Zip, this equates to a saving of up to $5,500 dollars in a single year. Residential running costs are also surprisingly low, coming in at only $1.25 pw for a family of four to use a Zip unit for twelve hours a day, seven days a week. If you factor in the money you save from not purchasing bottled water or even running a kettle, the costs become virtually non-existent.