Sydney Indesign

 08 Aug 2013

Forget everything you have come to expect from design events. Sydney Indesign is a unique trade event launched in 2013, incorporating the successful Saturday in Design (SID) format, and taking it to the next level. The event took place on Thursday 15 – Saturday 17 August 2013 and saw a host of design industry leaders exhibiting the latest products and trends.

Zip collaborated with Jamie Durie and the team at Durie Design to showcase the environmentally friendly Zip HydroTap in a new way. The succulents featured above are hung in planters made from copper Zip HydroTap components and a bamboo plant stood as a leafy centre piece in a planter made from copper off-cuts from the Sydney based Zip Factory.

The plastic bottles illuminated above the stand represent the average family’s plastic consumption in a year if they’re drinking water from plastic bottles, a waste of resource that is eliminated when you swap your plastic water bottles for a Zip HydroTap.

The Indesign Event will be held in Melbourne 2014 and back in Sydney in August 2015.