Make your face sparkle

 21 Dec 2016

There’s a new way to make your skin shine brighter, sparkle even—with sparkling water. The trend first emerged in Japan and became popular in Korea and it’s not only super simple, people are swearing by it.

Benefits are named as tightening and firming of skin, removal of dead skin cells and purifying pours. The carbon-filled bubbles of sparkling water work to deliver the beneficial gas to your skin’s natural skin barrier, which tones your complexion for a supple, smooth and fresher appearance- it can even reduce puffiness and leaves you with a healthy glow.

So how can you try the magic of a sparkling water face wash out for yourself?

We recommend using this wash technique for your face once or twice a week. Start by creating a wash solution in your basin or a bowl of half chilled sparkling water and half boiling or ambient water. The equal-part mix ensures the fizzy bubbles aren’t too harsh on your skin. Simply submerge your face for 10-15 seconds. Another method is to dab the solution onto a cotton pad and apply to your face like you would a toner. If you stick to this weekly routine, you might see results of sparkling skin in as little as a month!
Remember to not overdo it, less is more and if you have sensitive skin, discontinue the routine if irritation occurs. You also may want to vary the ratio according to what feels best for your skin.

So that’s it, sparkling water to make your face radiate. And if you have a Zip HydroTap, you’ll have the purest, sparkling water, all at the touch of a button, meaning you can enjoy all of the benefits that sparkling brings to your wellness.

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