New HydroTap Classic Plus powered by G5 technology

 01 Mar 2021

We are incredibly excited to unveil the new HydroTap Classic Plus, which brings style and sophistication to any kitchen.


The new and improved HydroTap Classic Plus will continue to deliver the convenience of instant boiling, chilled and sparkling water at the touch of a button, offering instant hydration and convenience to any workplace kitchen and residential home.

We know what our customers want and we’ve used that knowledge to create new, more intuitive features. 

The new HydroTap Classic Plus design features include:

  • More intuitive sparkling water activation: Button activation on the new antimicrobial touchpad means anyone can now use the product without instruction.
  • More intuitive controls: Introduction of continuous flow feature to fill bottles, as well as an improved font design to prevent overflow.
  • Enhanced hygiene: Addition of SteriTouch® on the new antimicrobial touchpad provides an added layer of safety and protection by preventing the growth of bacteria.
  • Sleek new design: The new look tap is available in seven ultra-modern finishes, including brushed chrome, matte black and brushed rose gold.


With the launch of the HydroTap Classic Plus re-design, we wanted to create a more beautiful and more intuitive product to continue to delight our customers. However, it was essential that we still maintained the DNA of our most popular and most recognisable product.

The HydroTap Classic Plus is powered by the new HydroTap G5, the next generation of smart command centre technology. And not only does G5 power the new HydroTap Classic Plus, it powers all products across the entire HydroTap range.

The new HydroTap G5 technology is our smartest command centre yet and includes:

  • Greater customisation: A re-designed Graphical User Interface (GUI) with instantly recognisable iconography that enables easier customisation.
  • New energy settings: The introduction of new energy settings including on-off timers, sleep mode and quiet mode.
  • Enhanced hygiene: The addition of SteriTouch® on key water surfaces within the command centre system to prevent the growth of bacteria.
  • Greater prediction: A new CO2 level indicator shows when CO2 gas is running low.


We’re proud of these new products and we want to see as many homes and workplaces as possible enjoying the benefits of the HydroTap, which supports sustainable living, eliminates the need for single-use plastic bottles, improves hydration and declutters kitchens.

Like all of our products, these latest additions to our portfolio were designed and manufactured out of our factory located in Condell Park in Sydney’s West.

The new HydroTap Classic Plus, powered by G5 technology, is available for order from 1 March in Australia. It will be made available in other markets – including the United States, China, United Kingdom and New Zealand – throughout 2021.

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