Easy Choice

 10 Jun 2014

Over recent years Zip has greatly increased its Zip HydroTap presence in kitchen design showrooms and prestige appliance outlets throughout Australia and Britain. Interior designers can now send their clients to somewhere central where they can have a hands-on Zip HydroTap experience.

In every major Australian city, most of the leading kitchen cabinet and kitchen appliance showrooms have been equipped with working Zip HydroTap displays, and showroom staff have been trained to help buyers choose the most appropriate models for their needs. A showroom dedicated entirely to Zip has also been opened in Canberra.

Choosing a Zip HydoTap has never been easier with a series of working displays now in leading kitchen design showrooms and appliance outlets in Australia and the UK.

In the UK, the Zip showrooms in London, Birmingham and Manchester offer designers and their clients the broadest range of instant boiling water and chilled drinking water appliances available anywhere.

Over the past year, the range of Zip HydroTap models has been expanded to include a model catering specifically for the needs of just about any kind of kitchen, at home or at work.

The range now includes both compact, inexpensive models designed for smaller home kitchens, and larger-capacity models to cater for office kitchens.

Buyers can choose a Zip HydroTap giving boiling water only, or chilled water only, or boiling and chilled water, or boiling, chilled and sparkling water, or even hot and cold water in addition to boiling, chilled sparkling water — with a total of more than 40 “on-sink” or “away-from-sink” models to choose from.

One of the added advantages of a Zip HydroTap showroom visit is that buyers can experience the healthy pleasures of drinking Zip HydroTap filtered water. It is surprisingly crystal clear and tastes great thanks to the fact that impurities as tiny as one fifth of one thousandth of a millimetre are filtered out completely.

"Article taken from Boiling Point issue no. 22, published by the Indesign Media Asia Pacific."