Colour Theory

 10 Jun 2014

Simplicity and efficiency are key to this workplace in Singapore by multinational design consultancy Space Matrix. Asked to fitout an area housing 40 staff members for
a well-known telecommunications company, the designers came up with a concept that makes the most of the available space through hot-desking and which also offers additional meeting rooms and quiet rooms.

International design firm Space Matrix created a vibrant fitout for an international communications company that adheres to its global aesthetic values, while injecting some Singaporean personality.

“The client brief was clear and straightforward,” explains Shawn Quek, the lead designer on the project. The layout of the new area was equally straightforward, with no structural changes needed. “The layout can be best described as efficient,” says Shawn. “The reception area and meeting rooms are located in the front of house, and the work area and more meeting spaces are located at the back.”

The challenge, therefore, came in creating a look for this simple design that was out of the ordinary. Space Matrix, which has offices across Asia as well as in Australia, was required to use the client’s red-and-white brand colours as the basis for its design. “We chose materials with reference to the client’s corporate image, and in response to the budget and delivery time-frame,” says Shawn.

This apparent restriction, however, proved to be highly beneficial, with the red (and occasional splashes of yellow throughout the space) adding a vibrancy and energy that’s absent from many workplaces.

“The client had previously used the Zip HydroTap… and was delighted with the way it worked.”

Other elements that lift the environment above the average include the feature lighting in the breakout area, where Space Matrix custom-designed pendant lights made from black, bird cages. This breakout area, which is divided from the work stations by a glass panel, can be used for staff relaxation or as a meeting space, with a whiteboard wall at one end.

Lounge chairs were supplied by Singaporean outlet Sofa & Others, while Max Interiors carried out the joinery. Artwork and graphics have been dotted around the place – including framed posters from the client’s corporate library, as well as prints on the meeting room walls and the breakout area’s glass panel that were specified by the designer to help inject a distinctive local Singaporean flavour.

A further challenge came in working within the time-frame, which was an important element in the project’s success. “We had to complete it in a four-week construction period,” says Shawn. “Luckily, we worked with a great team of contractors and vendors who helped us to finish the project on time and on budget.”

When it came to the kitchen area, there was no question about which water chiller and boiling water heater to incorporate, as the client had previously used the Zip HydroTap in two of its other offices and was delighted with the way it worked. Equally, Space Matrix were only too happy to specify Zip. “It functions well in terms of boiling water capacity, which is more than the typical dispenser, and it looks much nicer and sleeker than other systems,” says Shawn.

"Article taken from Boiling Point issue no. 20, published by the Indesign Media Asia Pacific. Words by Nigel Bartlett, Photography by Rory Daniels, Interior Designer by Space Matrix"