A Perfect Fit

 10 Jun 2014

Entering Studio Becker’s Sydney showroom is like walking into an Aladdin’s cave for architects and interior designers. Externally it gives away little, but inside, its wares make designers of prestige homes salivate with desire.

This by-appointment-only space is home to bespoke kitchens and joinery produced with high attention to detail. Made in Germany, each item fits the specifications perfectly, with a first- class quality of build, an unparalleled range of finishes and accessories, and innovations that are at the forefront of technology.

Studio Becker offers bespoke kitchens and joinery with enviable quality and design. When Fiona Lochtenberg came across the brand, she had to bring it home to Australia.

The showroom opened in August 2011, after interior designer Fiona Lochtenberg stumbled across Studio Becker in the US while working on a house there. “I made an appointment at the San Francisco showroom and it immediately blew me away,” she recalls.

Then came the decision to install a Studio Becker kitchen in her own home, in Sydney’s Mosman. “The kitchens in the US and in Sydney each arrived exactly how I designed them, down to a fraction of a millimetre.’”

That was when she decided to bring the brand to Australia, opening in a converted warehouse redesigned by award-winning architect Dale Jones-Evans. Since then, she and her team have introduced Studio Becker to architects, designers and developers, inviting them to the stunning showroom.

A ground-floor ‘Black Box’ (a huge kitchen theatre) includes the dazzling Yin & Yang kitchen, comprising a teardrop-shaped island bench in white opposite an array of black cabinets curving around them, just like the ancient Chinese symbol. “The idea came to me in Perisher Valley, where my daughter was competing in a snowboarding race,” Fiona explains. “I was visualising the course and the curves inspired me. I got out of bed at 3:20am and what I drew then is what you see today.”

Another kitchen, designed in the most seductive green imaginable (“I love green,” says Fiona, “it signifies new beginnings”), showcases the very desirable concealed elevation system. At the press of a remote-control button, two panels rise from the centre of a pair of kitchen islands, extending their entire lengths. The panels are home to a toaster and food mixers, all plugged in and ready to be used. It’s just how a domesticated James Bond would live.

The same system is seen in a luxurious dressing-room display on the showroom’s
first floor. This dark-veneer unit is wider and double-sided, one portion housing a man’s accoutrements, including his cufflinks, pens, rings and watch collection. The options on the woman’s side include an illuminated make-up mirror, delineated storage for all her jewellery and accessories and a mini fridge for skin creams and potions. That element of exclusivity, she adds, is what makes Studio Becker different to its competitors. “We measure to perfection, and we can customise everything,” says Fiona. “It’s what sets us apart from everybody else.”

"Article taken from Boiling Point issue no. 19, published by the Indesign Media Asia Pacific. Words by Nigel Bartlett, Photography by Simone Rosenbauer, Architect by Dale Jones-Evans"